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      "Analyzing and Modifying Canine Aggressive Behavior"
Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB and Nancy Williams, M.A., ACAAB


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Here's what attendees had to say:

"Presented information I've not seen at other aggression seminars."

"The video clips were excellent teaching tools as were the actual dog demonstrations."

"I loved your enthusiasm (both of you). You both so clearly respect and have affection for animals and us as students."

With breed bans gaining popularity, shelters and rescue groups wondering what “temperament test” to use, veterinary staff dreading to see certain patients on the appointment log, and dog owners being told the importance of “being alpha”, it’s no wonder that confusion is rampant in identifying high risk dogs, creating effective public policies, and preventing and resolving aggression problems. This workshop will:

  • Explain the dangers of and misunderstandings surrounding “dominance”

  • Discuss what constitutes normal and “abnormal” canine social behaviors

  • Discuss the differences between “temperament tests” and behavior evaluations and the difficulties inherent in both

  • Provide practice in observing and interpreting canine communicative behavior in order to conduct a useful behavior evaluation

  • Aid participants in developing placement and risk assessment criteria

  • Discuss and demonstrate behavior modification techniques for changing aggressive behaviors, and based on risk assessment and behavior evaluations, when such techniques could be considered.

Workshop includes lecture, discussion, videos, case histories and “hands on” work with dogs. Click Here to View Agenda

“This workshop makes no promises of simple explanations, easy answers, or guaranteed results. Don’t be deceived by such claims – if we’re going to advance our understanding of canine aggression, then we have to face up to its intricacies.”*
*From Pamela Reid, Ph.D., CAAB

Saturday session approved for 2.5 CEU and Sunday session approved for 5 CEU in the supportive category by CACVT.
Saturday session approved for 2.25 and Sunday session approved for 5.75 CEUs by CCPDT
This workshop was approved by CVMA for 7.5 hours, valid retroactively

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