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Then YOU need to subscribe to our Newsletter "Pet Behavior One Piece At a Time".  Ever wonder what new training and behavior modication tools are worth spending money on and which aren't?  Confused about what litter to buy for your cat?  Want to know the inside scoop about all the different training and behavior modification techniques you read about on the web and elsewhere?  Want to see and hear video and audio training tips teaching you how to get your pets to do what you want? 


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  3. A link to a 15 minute audio program by Dr. Dan Estep – "Seven Myths About Separation Anxiety".  In this program, you'll learn why all home alone problems are not caused by separation anxiety and how you can tell which ones are and which ones aren't;  common mistakes most pet owners make that often contribute to separation anxiety, and much more

You'll find these to be invaluable resources whether you are a cat lover, a dog lover, or both!  In addition to valuable information, yes we admit, from time to time we'll throw in a special offer on a course or product – but as a newsletter subscriber you'll receive exclusive discounts on these items not generally available.

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   Samantha Mullen
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   The Humane Society of the United States

"I absolutely love your email newsletter that I receive. The articles are so well written and informative."
   Julie K. Shaw, R.V.T.
   Senior Animal Behavior Technician
   SVBT president and newsletter editor.
   Animal Behavior Clinic
   Purdue University

"Wow, Suzanne and Dan. This is great! I like what you are doing so much!
   Laurel Lagoni
   Co-founder of the Pet Loss Support program at the
   Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University

"Your information is invaluable to shelter folks and others."
   Christie Smith
   Executive Director
   Potter League for Animals
   Newport, RI

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your newsletter, Pet Behavior One Piece at a Time. It's well written, timely, and interesting. Even in today's age of information overload, I look forward to reading it, which is saying something."
   Erin Landeck, MS, CPA
   Former Manager, AAHA Press
   American Animal Hospital Association
   Lakewood, CO                                                                                                                                                                            Adjunct Faculty University of Denver

"Your articles are helpful, informative and well written.  Our club members enjoy them!"
Jan T. Morgan, Cairn Terrier Club

 We've been publishing our online newsletter "Pet Behavior One Piece At a Time" since 2005.  Many of our subscribers have asked to reproduce our content for their organization, business, facility, website or agency.  So our articles have been reprinted over and over again.  We'll be putting many of them here on our blog.   

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