American Humane Association and Cesar Millan Together?

If you haven't been to American Humane Association's website lately, you might want to visit THIS PAGE.  AHA announces plans to convene a symposium later this year, bringing together top notch experts in the areas of "dog-friendly" training and behavior modification techniques to meet with Cesar Millan to discuss mutual areas of interest.

It's not yet clear what the purpose of this meeting will be, or what it's organizers hope will be a desired outcome.

AHA states they've had significant differences with Mr. Millan about his training techniques – we hope so!  But their common interests of promoting spaying and neutering, encouraging owners to exercise their dogs more, and promoting shelter adoptions, don't compensate – in our opinion –  for what divides them – his training methods.

But, we'd like to know what you think? Do you think such a symposium is a good idea, a bad idea, or does it depend?

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