Book Review – Smooch the Pooch

There's a disturbing new book on by Terry Slater and illustrator Arthur Howard that is one more example of how dangerously uninformed the general public is about dog behavior and safe relationships between dogs and kids.

The book is called Smooch Your Pooch and has unfortunately adorable illustrations depicting all sorts of things neither children nor dogs should be doing.  The author encourages children to hug and kiss their dogs anytime, any place. 

One illustration shows a child walking a dog by herself, without adult supervision.  While that's likely an all too common occurrence, we watched a Brittany spaniel almost pull her young owner face first into the side of a truck when the dog lunged for our dogs as we we walking on the other side of the street.

How about allowing your dog to hang its head out the window in the car?  Ask any veterinarian how many injuries they see from that behavior. 

And how about encouraging a child to put a dog – small one we hope – in the basket of their bike and go for a ride?  What happens when the child falls off the bike?  Or as most children are prone to do, lay the bike down and run off to do something else, forgetting the dog is along?

What's even more disturbing is that the favorable reviews of this book outweigh the ones expressing the concerns any pet professional is going to have.  We wrote a review this morning (Christmas eve) that may or may not have been added by the time you read this blog post.  But it's similar to what we wrote above.

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN.  Go to the Smooch Your Pooch book on Amazon, and write your own review.  We included a link to PIa Silvani'a great book Raising Puppies and Kids together  in our review, RAISING PUPPIES AND KIDS TOGETHER – A GUIDE FOR PARENTS

AND our CD "Dog Behavior Decoded"  Check it out while you're there.  BEN members – you can get the digital download of our CD from in BEN just by writing a review for us on Amazon.  In our biased opinion – this CD will make a much better Christmas gift for the dog lover in your family than the "Smooch" book. 

Most folks would not recognize the signs of stress, anxiety, avoidance, or submission that most dogs display when people  – especially children or adults the dog is unfamiliar with – attempt to hug or kiss them.

 (You need to have bought something from Amazon in the past in order to write a review – not a problem for most of you!)

On a happier note – watch our digital Christmas gift to you of Rocky Mountain Steel Bands Christmas Ensemble that Suzanne plays in performing The First Noel and Jingle Bell Rock at the Denver Zoo Lights. 

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