Dog Training as an Incentive Program

On a recent morning news program, we heard about an incentive program used by some employers to encourage their employees to engage in healthy habits.  For example, a worker might be paid to take his blood pressure medication regularly, stop smoking, lose...

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Emotional Arousal, Reinforcement, and Punishment

Many behavior problems in pets involve emotional arousal.  It is well known that emotions drive behaviors.  If you are afraid of insects for example (Suzanne is a real ‘bug-a-phobe’!), you would have a difficult time holding still an...

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Can CERs be a Marketing Stategy?

Some of you may be asking, "What in the heck is a CER?"  CER stands for  conditioned emotional response.  It is simply classical conditioning of a highly emotional response, such as fear or pain to a previously neutral s...

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Lower “Reactivity” with a Calming Cap

Some behavior problems are rooted in, or at least influenced by, a dog’s emotional arousal in response to certain events.  The sight of other dogs, people walking by their territory, a ride in the car, a new cat in the house, may all cause dogs to r...

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Punishment Confusion

We were reading a popular mail order pet supply catalog and came across some confusing descriptions of training products. We suspect such confusion is widespread and worth discussing. ...

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