Celebrating Adopt A Cat Month

June has been Adopt-A-Cat Month – and we almost did.  But after visiting a beautiful Siamese mix who needed a home, and a tearful conversation between the two of us, we decided the time just wasn’t right.  This is about the third time we&...

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Happy and Safe Holidays For Our Pets

With the start of the Holiday Season, we all will be anticipating wonderful family meals.  Smoked turkey, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie was the standard Thanksgiving meal in Dan’s family with occasional forays into Texas style barbecued ribs, mash...

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Simple Principles for Litterboxes

Many cat litterbox problems can be prevented and even resolved by following these five guidelines ...

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Is a Tired Dog a Good Dog? (or a Happy dog?)

This is a cliché we’ve read and heard numerous places, including in on-line articles from prominent veterinary schools.  If veterinary schools and a wide variety of respected trainers maintain this is true, then does that mean it IS true?&nbs...

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A Cat and Dog Learn to Get Along

When we first acquired our Irish setter, Coral, it took longer than we expected for her and our cat Buffett to learn to get along. At first, Buffett was clearly afraid of Coral's bouncy, enthusiastic puppy antics. He'd hiss whenever she got too close, ...

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Pay Attention to Feline Behavior Wellness Care

An interesting website worth a look by cat owners and cat professionals is HealthyCatsForLife.com, a collaborative effort between the American Association of Feline Practitioners, a veterinary organization, and Boehringer Ingelheim, a pet food and pet supply c...

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