The Human Toll From Dog-Dog Aggression

The July/August issue of the APDT Chronicle hits subscribers’ mailboxes the last week in June.  Our article “Safety and Ethics in Working with Dog-to-Dog Aggression Problems” will appear in that issue.  It is the first in a series t...

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Dog-Dog Aggression – Do We Know What’s What?

We’ve spent the last several weeks preparing for a two day seminar we’ll be giving with colleagues Dr. Marc Bekoff and Ms. Nancy Williams for Professional Animal Behavior Associates, Inc., in Guelph, Ontario Canada.  The theme is Dog-Dog Inter...

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Do the Young Naturally Try to Kill the Old and Sick?

A while back, we had a case that involved a younger dog attacking and seriously injuring her older housemate when the older dog went into a seizure. The dogs had lived together without conflict for years, until the older dog began having the seizures. The owne...

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