Is “Socialization” A Sacred Cow?

Anyone who has ever had a puppy has been told about the importance of “socializing” the pup.  To most, this implies taking the puppy out and about and allowing her to meet people, other dogs, and experience a variety of environmental settings....

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Puppy Vaccinations and Socialization

Since the 1950s, behaviorists have known that exposing puppies to good experiences with other dogs, people and even other animal species can help them be better adjusted pets as adults.  Dogs that receive such early socialization are better able to form a...

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Dr. Ian Dunbar and Ms. Pia Silvani Interview – Part 2

In Part 2 of my interview with my friends and colleagues Dr. Ian Dunbar and Ms. Pia Silvani you'll discover how they define "socialization" and their recommendations about how it should best be accomplished.  You'll learn what they see a...

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An Interview with Dr. Ian Dunbar and Ms. Pia Silvani

At a recent invitational meeting, I had the opportunity to ask my friends and colleagues – Pia and Ian – a VERY important question. Now you can discover what this question was and how they answered it.  BOTH may surprise you!  Turn up you...

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