Instinct, Drive and Other Causes of Dog Attacks

There was a news article* a few months back about a 4 year old girl killed by the family’s Rottweilers.  It was a truly sad situation and our hearts go out to the parents and family of this young child.  Dogs kill between 10 and 20 people a yea...

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Dog Called “Vicious” for Biting a Veterinary Technician

Did you ever think your dog could run afoul of your local animal control ordinances for biting a veterinary professional?  We didn't.  We've heard of civil suits under those circumstances, but not criminal ones.  Watch the video below to...

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Chicago Man Killed by Daughter’s Dogs

You can read the story in the Chicago Tribune about the man who was killed by his daughter's dogs that were living in the home.  At this point, not much is known about the attack and whether all, or just some of the 4 adult dogs and several puppies th...

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Analysis of a Dog Attack

A member of our Behavior Education Network, Peggy H., set us on to this video from Animal Planet.  After watching it, we thought it presented the perfect opportunity – or a teachable moment as some people call it – to help you better understan...

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