Birthday Parties for Pets – Always A Good Thing?

A recent news article described how birthday parties for pets are increasing in popularity.  Two high-end parties were described, with pooches and owners showing up at facilities that cater to dog parties.  For the dogs, there were birthday cakes, tr...

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Why Do We Not Recognize Fear Related Problems?

Fear is often an unrecognized cause of many pet behavior problems. Do we not recognize fear because we are viewing our relationship with our dogs in terms of the problematic “pack leader” model? Fearful behavior that is left untreated will persis...

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Fear and Its Effect on Behavior Problems

“Unrecognized Fears:   The Effects of Fear on Behavior and Behavior Problems”. Housesoiling, barking, destructive behavior, aggression, home alone problems – these are some of the most common types of behavior problems in dogs.  Whi...

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Helping a Fearful Dog – Part 1

When Janie first saw Cosmo at the shelter, she fell in love with him.  He was a two year old male Sheltie that had a sign that said “Very shy with people, but a sweet little dog.”   He was very shy with her at the shelter, but she fe...

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