Supervising Pets and Children

At a recent professional meeting, Jennifer Shryock, CPDT and Ellen Mahurin, M.A., ACAAB described Jennifer’s parent education programs for dog owners expecting a new baby (Dogs and Storks™) and those for toddlers and dogs (Dog & Baby Conne...

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Book Review – Smooch the Pooch

There's a disturbing new book on by Terry Slater and illustrator Arthur Howard that is one more example of how dangerously uninformed the general public is about dog behavior and safe relationships between dogs and kids. The book is called Smooc...

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“Holding” Dogs For Children to Pet

The director of the organization Suzanne volunteers for once each month was telling her that another volunteer – we’ll call her Jane – had recently adopted a dog from a local animal shelter.  The director – “Ann” &...

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What Are Safe Behaviors Between Children and Dogs?

In our membership site,, (BEN) we’ve recently posted a few videos of interactions between dogs and kids and between dogs, given our analysis of them, and asked for member comments.  These videos have generated a bit ...

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