A Special Christmas CD

While we don’t normally mix our personal lives with the pet behavior articles we write on this blog, this time, we are making an exception.  As you may know, we (Dan and Suzanne) are part of Rocky Mountain Steel Bands. Dan plays guita...

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What Pet Owners Give Thanks for at Thanksgiving

During this Thanksgiving week, we thought we’d take a humorous look at what we, as a pet owning family, have to be thankful for this year.  We are thankful that: ...

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A Musical Christmas Wish

While we don't normally get 'off topic', from pet behavior training, as a special Christmas celebration, we thought you might enjoy listening to two songs from the Christmas Steel Band Ensemble Suzanne performs in.  This performance was a...

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Digging Dogs – When Digging Isn’t a Problem!

Digging can be an annoying canine behavior, when it results in craters in your yard, damaged cables or a re-arrangement of your expensive professional landscaping.  But on certain special days, digging can be exactly what we want dogs to do. Watch the vid...

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Cats Vs. Dogs – Who’s Liked More?

A recent Associated Press poll reveals that more people like dogs than like cats.  In a survey of just under 2000 people, 59% of who were pet owners (mostly of dogs or cats) 74% said they liked dogs “a lot” but only 41% said the same thing about cats.  O...

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Setter Snow Angels

We thought you would enjoy this short video clip of our Irish setter, Coral, doing what we call "Setter snow angels".  Coral runs as fast as she can during her walks, so we think in the winter she does this to cool off.  She'll als...

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