The Behavior of Turkish Street Dogs

In our visits to several locations in Turkey, we saw many dogs on the loose on the streets.            People referred to them in various ways – street dogs, feral dogs or strays.  But what did those terms mean, and how...

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Managing Street Dogs and Cats in Turkey

The conference we spoke at in Bursa, Turkey was organized to help educate veterinarians from all over the country who work in animal shelters. Turkey has a huge problem with free-roaming dogs and cats and the country is struggling with ways to manage the probl...

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Cats We Saw in Turkey

During our trip to Turkey in September of 2010 to speak to a conference of shelter veterinarians, we made it a point to observe the "street" dogs and cats that were abundant.  Free-roaming cats seem to be as common, or even more numerous, as fre...

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