Who is “Better” – Wolves or Dogs?

With the “dogs-disguised-as-wolves” model of understanding dog behavior still unfortunately a popular one, we thought it would be interesting to take a quick look at domestication and how dogs and wolves are different. It is commonly agreed that do...

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What The Heck is Parsimony?

A friend remarked to us recently that every time she goes out of town and leaves her dog, Mason, with Sarah, a close friend, Mason always defecates overnight in one particular spot in Sarah’s house.  Mason will occasionally do this at home, but not ...

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Why Do We Not Recognize Fear Related Problems?

Fear is often an unrecognized cause of many pet behavior problems. Do we not recognize fear because we are viewing our relationship with our dogs in terms of the problematic “pack leader” model? Fearful behavior that is left untreated will persis...

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Are Animals Altruistic?

Animals are often credited with behaving in purposeful ways that result in saving their owners’ lives.  While we would never deny the close attachments people develop with their pets – we are head over heels in love with our Irish setter Coral...

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“Psychic” Cats – or Not?

 Not too long ago an essay appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine about a cat named Oscar that appears to have an unusual ability.  He lives on the advanced dementia unit of a nursing home in Rhode Island, and he seems to know when one of th...

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