A Musical Christmas Wish

While we don't normally get 'off topic', from pet behavior training, as a special Christmas celebration, we thought you might enjoy listening to two songs from the Christmas Steel Band Ensemble Suzanne performs in.  This performance was a...

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Dr. Ian Dunbar and Ms. Pia Silvani Interview – Part 2

In Part 2 of my interview with my friends and colleagues Dr. Ian Dunbar and Ms. Pia Silvani you'll discover how they define "socialization" and their recommendations about how it should best be accomplished.  You'll learn what they see a...

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An Interview with Dr. Ian Dunbar and Ms. Pia Silvani

At a recent invitational meeting, I had the opportunity to ask my friends and colleagues – Pia and Ian – a VERY important question. Now you can discover what this question was and how they answered it.  BOTH may surprise you!  Turn up you...

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Digging Dogs – When Digging Isn’t a Problem!

Digging can be an annoying canine behavior, when it results in craters in your yard, damaged cables or a re-arrangement of your expensive professional landscaping.  But on certain special days, digging can be exactly what we want dogs to do. Watch the vid...

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Analysis of a Dog Attack

A member of our Behavior Education Network, Peggy H., set us on to this video from Animal Planet.  After watching it, we thought it presented the perfect opportunity – or a teachable moment as some people call it – to help you better understan...

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Setter Snow Angels

We thought you would enjoy this short video clip of our Irish setter, Coral, doing what we call "Setter snow angels".  Coral runs as fast as she can during her walks, so we think in the winter she does this to cool off.  She'll als...

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