Fear and Its Effect on Behavior Problems

“Unrecognized Fears:
  The Effects of Fear on Behavior and Behavior Problems”.

Housesoiling, barking, destructive behavior, aggression, home alone problems – these are some of the most common types of behavior problems in dogs.  Which of these can be fear related?  All?  None?  Some?  And if they can be, how do you distinguish a housesoiling problem that is fear-related from one that isn’t? 

How would you know if a housesoiling problem was fear related or not?  Suzanne was answering a question In a recent online forum regarding a little dog that had begun housesoiling after 6 months of using a dog door successfully. Is this due to a lack of "leadership" on the part of the owner, a lack of housetraining, or fear related?  What sorts of questions would you ask to determine this?

Another common behavior problem is aggression toward family members.  More often than not, people are told this is "dominance aggression" because it's directed at the social group.  If we thought fear might be a factor, what would we look for?

Once we’ve identified a fear related problem, what do we do about it?  This will NOT be a session on behavior modification techniques, but we will touch on the options available for working with fear related problems.

This is what we’ll discuss in the complimentary one-hour webinar coming up on Monday, November 8th at 2pm Mountain time. 

There is no charge for this webinar but you MUST register.  You'll find the registration link on the Class Page  


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