What Pet Owners Give Thanks for at Thanksgiving

During this Thanksgiving week, we thought we’d take a humorous look at what we, as a pet owning family, have to be thankful for this year.  We are thankful that:

  • — Ashley, our 14 year old Dalmatian, only poops in the house in her old age rather than urinating as well
  • — when Coral, our 7 year old Irish Setter, gets stickers in her coat when she runs through the brush, she will stand quietly and let us comb them out. 
  • — when Coral broke the long line on a recent walk, she came right back to us  – after she finished chasing the ducks across the lake.  And we are particularly thankful the ice was strong enough to hold her!
  • — that Ashley, in her old age, has given up counter surfing and digging holes in the yard
  • — that Coral now only gets us up twice a night to go outside rather than four!
  • — when the wind blew the front door open and Ashley tottered across the street to visit the neighbor’s dog that she wasn’t hit by a car.
  • — the most recent loose dog that ran up to Coral and Ashley on our walk was friendly and not aggressive
  • — when Coral unexpectedly startled a skunk on yesterday’s walk, the skunk only got slightly irritated and not really mad, and  just barely sprayed her.
  • — that Coral didn’t mind getting a bath to get the skunk smell off, as long as Suzanne climbed in the tub with her! 

While these examples may make it seem as though our critters are more trouble than they’re worth, that’s definitely not the case.  When they greet us with those joyous faces when we come through the door and snuggle up on the futon with us at night when we watch TV, we wouldn’t trade them for anything. 

On a more serious note, we also say thank you to all of you – our loyal readers, customers and Behavior Education Members who have supported us over the years.  We appreciate all of you and truly enjoying having you with us on webinars and getting to meet you in person at conferences and workshops. 

 Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your critters.

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