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Products for Pet Professionals

Welcome to our page that describes products we have created for you, the animal professional. Here you will find books, booklets, and video training programs to help you, your staff and clients learn more about animal behavior. We have everything from general information about animal behavior, problem prevention, problem resolution to safety around animals.

Don’t forget to check out our Products For Pet Owners. There you will find additional products that will be of value to your clients.

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Pet Behavior Protocols
What to do, What to say, and When to Refer Cutting-edge information in easy-to-follow protocols
Raising a Behaviorally Healthy Puppy
A Pet Parenting Guide.
Critical Knowledge for the formative months.

HELP! I'm Barking and I Can't be Quiet
A Pet Parenting Guide.
Numerous options for modifying barking behavior.
Incorporating Behavioral Wellness into your Grooming Business
Add more services and increase your bottom line!

Incorporating Behavioral Wellness into your Training Business
Add more services and increase your bottom line!

Cats Come Clean
50 Tips About Cats and Litterboxes.
Understand your cat’s bathroom habits, and the best ways to prevent problems
What Dogs Need And How They Think
71Tips On Understanding Your Dogs Behavior

76 Ways To Get Your Dog To Do What You Want
Create a great relationship with your dog without using force, intimidation or confrontations

  Telecourse Audio
  Our four-session telecourses have been a great hit. Now you can take advantage of them on CD. In addition to the audio CDs, there are 20 pages of printable class notes.

Shining the Light of Science on Canine Behavior
Applies the science of ethology to dog behavior. Drives, dominance, genetic effects, and many more!
Fundamentals of Animal Learning
Understanding operant conditioning
Get the most out of positive reinforcement

Rehabilitating the Canine Contender - Helping Dogs Get Along Better With Other Dogs
Help for owners with dog aggressive dogs.
Dogs Who Don't Play Well With Others:
Is It Always About Dominance?

  Roles, Rules and Relationships:
Re-Interpreting "Dominance Theory"
Hear what expert Dr. John Wright has to say about dominant dogs.

Canine Behavior for the Veterinary Staff
Train your staff how to read canine body language and assess the behavior of dogs.
Canine Behavior for the Animal Shelter Staff
Construct an evaluation procedure for your shelter. Train your staff how to read canine body language.

Canine Behavior:
Observing and Interpreting Canine Body Postures
Learn how to read the body language of dogs. Learn how to recognize threats, aggression, fear, and stress. Avoid being bitten!
Dog Bite Prevention Training
Comprehensive training. How to avoid dog attacks and how to protect yourself.

The Dangers of Dominance
Building a great relationship with your dog has nothing to do with being “alpha” and everything to do with being a trustworthy partner. Find out what’s wrong with dominance ideas and what to do instead.

Understanding and Modifying Canine Aggression
DVD of live 1 day seminar in Denver CO with Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB and Nancy Williams, M.A., ACAAB, RVT.

Understanding Canine Aggression: A Collection of Articles
Over 35 articles designed to help you understand dog behavior and avoid dog bites
Offering ‘Introducing Your Dog To Your Baby’ Classes: The Complete Teaching Package!
All the teaching materials you need to start your own classes. Contains a demo DVD, lecture notes, slides, handouts and more.

Counter Conditioning and Desensitization
Over 3 hours of instruction to help you correctly implement these powerful techniques for maximum benefit

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