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Counter Conditioning and Desensitization: Using Techniques Effectively


Counter conditioning and desensitization are the cornerstone behavior techniques professionals use to modify pet behavior. But are you sure you fully understand the theoretical basis for them AND know how to implement them correctly? In this program you’ll discover

  • How to avoid four common implementation mistakes
  • How the implementation sequence differs between classical and operant counter conditioning
  • How to decide what type of counter conditioning is the “right tool for the job”
  • What additional behavior modification technique can greatly increase the effectiveness of counter conditioning and decrease desensitization time
  • What factors to consider to create desensitization hierarchies that work
  • And MUCH more!

This 2 disc DVD program is the edited, recorded replay of our popular 2 session tele-webcast and includes power point slides as well as live video to illustrate the case examples discussed during the course. The 2 DVDs contain two hours and 40 minutes of instruction! And that’s not all.

Also included is a BONUS CD containing the complete class notes AND almost an HOUR of additional discussion and Q&A from multiple previous classes.

Here’s what a few participants had to say about the course:

“The discussion of actual case studies is priceless. Instructors are excellent and very accommodating. Thanks again for a wonderful learning experience. I am looking forward to many more.” – Rita P.

“I have to say that if the Animal Behavior Associates class I took ("conditioning") was representative of what you are presenting, it was a worthwhile effort with well-organized content and the logistics of teaching online handled smoothly.” - - Andrea O.

A small price to make this program a part of your learning library that you can access over and over - whenever you need it!

3 Disc Set
$57, includes domestic handling and shipping

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Audio and DVD products are copyright protected and may not be copied without express written permission.

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