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“I listened to the 1st week and I wanted to tell you that is a very convenient and wonderful program. It was very clear and easy to hear. These telecourses are incredible and what a wonderful resource!
Thanks so much, Amy”

“This was the first telecourse I have attended. The information was presented in a concise logical manner. I have attended many seminars and conferences and feel that this was just as valuable and of course much more convenient. I look forward to attending more courses in the future.”
~ Al Goldberg

“I thought you did a marvelous job and kept the course on track. Thanks,” ~ Nancy Kedward

“I listened again to Week One again and learned a whole lot more over my previous listen. I guess it is like watching a movie over and over and seeing different nuances each time. I like this format.”
~ Melinda Berger

“An informative and extremely convenient way of listening to the experts. The coursework covered is detailed, relevant and up to the minute, and Suzanne and Dan bring a real enthusiasm to the telecourse. Regards,”
~ Pam Kundro

“Thanks Suzanne SO much for your attention to my needs and order. I am a dog trainer and behavior consultant in NY and am giving a seminar for a local shelter on how to PREVENT aggressive events and what to do if you find yourself in the midst of one. ..I am so looking forward to using your video for part of my inservice. many thanks.”
~ Peg Hutcoe of The Upper Paw

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