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Offering ‘Introducing Your Dog To Your Baby’ Classes: The Complete Teaching Package!


Many expectant parents are concerned with how their first baby will get along with their new human baby. The secret is preparation. But where do expectant parents get this preparation? Dog trainers, veterinarians, veterinary staff, animal behavior consultants and other pet professionals are uniquely positioned to offer it. Now you can offer these classes that benefit:

  • Dogs by helping them adapt to the great changes ahead of them, so they continue to be an integral part of the family and not banished to the backyard
  • Babies, by helping to ensure safe interactions with the family’s “other baby”
  • Expectant parents by reducing their anxieties and stress
  • You by offering classes that are fun, rewarding and can increase your income as well as your visibility and credibility.

This teaching package is based on our telecourse “How You Can Start an ‘Introducing Your Dog to Your New Baby,’ Class in Your City”. We’ve been teaching classes to expectant parents and pet owners for over 6 years at hospitals in the Denver area. In our unique telecourse and now in this teaching package, we give you the benefit of our experience and education so you can offer classes that contain behaviorally sound information and don’t perpetuate harmful myths such as the importance of dogs not being “dominant” over babies.

We teach you not only about class content, but the logistics of how to find a venue for your class, find sponsoring organizations, how to advertise your class, and how to create additional follow-up services and classes.

Add to your revenue by joining our affiliate program so you can benefit from sales of related products you recommend during class.

The teaching package includes:

  • The thirty-page transcript of the complete 90 minute telecourse, including Q&A from participants that answer the questions you might have
  • 18 pages of Class Notes we prepared for the course.
  • Thirty-one specially prepared JPEG images that can be used as slides for your own presentations.
  • Seventeen pages of lecture notes for your presentation, specifically keyed to the JPEG images that will allow you to present your own one-hour class.
  • SIX handouts for participants, including two quizzes that make future parents aware of what they know and don’t know about children and dogs and help them take an objective look at their dogs’ behaviors.
  • A BONUS DVD containing video from our classes showing you how we use our dogs, dog toys, baby dolls and other “props” to demonstrate preparation and introduction techniques.

Teaching “Baby Classes” can help set you apart from other pet professionals in your area, provide you with very positive publicity, help you make contacts with human health professionals and help you promote your business to more dog owners who can become long-term clients.

This ENTIRE teaching package is yours for only $87. You can easily recoup the cost from participants’ fees in just one or two classes. So don’t delay - claim your copy today!

And don’t forget to have plenty of our  “Helping Fido Welcome Your Baby  DVDs on hand to not only supplement what you teach but as a take home reference for people who attend your class.  Quantity discounts available or join our affiliate program

Price $91 which includes domestic shipping
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