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Aggressive Dogs

  • Learn more about the triggers for aggressive behavior
  • How to prevent your dog from biting
  • Protect your children from dangerous dogs
  • How to greet dogs you don’t know
  • Avoid being bitten on the job: veterinarians, groomers, service workers.

  Understanding Canine Aggression: A Collection of Articles.
Over 35 articles designed to help you understand dog behavior and avoid dog bites

A brand new collection of articles by Drs. Hetts and Estep
This new CD gives you the benefit of Dan and Suzanne’s years of experience with canine aggression. They have helped hundreds of families deal with biting dogs. They’ve shared their expertise by lecturing to veterinarians, dog trainers, humane societies and service organization on how to avoid being bitten. This is the first time you’ll find so many of our articles available on one CD.

2 Free Sample Articles: See list of Articles (pdf)

Price: $15.95(includes shipping)

  Dogs, Cats and Kids. Learning To Be Safe With Animals.
  Dogs, Cats and Kids. Learning To Be Safe With Animals.
Created by Donald Manelli with Wayne Hunthausen, DVM
30 minutes.
  • Winner of The Parent's Choice Award
  • Featured on the "Today Show" on NBC, on "CBS Saturday Morning", and on "Healthweed" on the PBS network
  • Dr. Marty Becker devoted his entire one hour national radio show to the video

Did you know - that children are at the greatest risk for serious injury by dogs? Now there is an educational video that can teach children how to be safe around animals

An entertaining video that teaches children respect for animals and how to be safe around cats and dogs without fear.

Focuses on how to read cat and dog body language, the right way to approach and handle animals, the warning signs of threatening animals and more.

A terrific educational program that is ideal for parents, parent-teacher organizations, veterinarians, schools, shelters, humane organizations or anyone educating children. We use it and highly recommend it.

Format: DVD and VHS

Price - $19.95
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  Introducing Your Dog To Your New Baby

Helping Fido Welcome Your Baby

At last, a practical step by step guide for pet parents who are soon to be baby parents to help your dog accept your baby and develop a safe and loving relationship.

  Preparing Fido

This CD contains a comprehensive collection of baby sounds to help parents-to-be acclimate not only Fido, but their felines as well, to the sounds baby will make. If your pet is nervous about babies or sound sensitive, get started with this CD several months before baby arrives. Comes with a tips booklet with good ideas about how to help pets accept your new arrival.

Preparing Fido CD
Price - $17.95 (Price Includes Shipping)

Click here for special packge pricing

  What You Don't Know About Dogs Can Hurt You

Has your dog developed an attitude toward delivery people, lawn care or cable workers and others who must enter your yard? This CD helps YOU help these service providers be safer around your dog. Watch this presentation so you can give people specific suggestions about how to safely enter your property. Give the CD to your service providers to watch! They can learn how to be proactive rather than reactive, how to assess your dog’s intentions, why they should NOT try and intimidate your dog, what phrases you, and they, can use to defuse threats from your dog, and how to make friends with your dog.

Narrated Slide Presentation:
Price - $15.95 (Price Includes Shipping)

Compatibility issues exist with this product and Internet Explorer 7 web browser, that prevent the CD from playing. The CD still works with earlier versions of Internet Explorer, as well as other browsers such as Mozilla’s Foxfire. The Foxfire browser is a free download at Mozilla.com. We apologize for any inconvenience.


  Observing and Interpreting Canine Body Postures

The Canine Body Postures video is a stand-alone product from our complete Canine Behavior training programs for the shelter and veterinary staff. Learn how to recognize when dogs are being threatening or aggressive, or showing signs of stress or fear, and how you should react to lower dogs' arousal and avoid being bitten. Initially designed for pet professionals, dedicated dog owners will find this program fascinating and informative. This video is recommended by the Certification Council of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers for those preparing for certification. Available in VHS and DVD format.

DVD Version
Price - $50.95 –includes shipping
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  Dog Bite Prevention Training Program

This dynamic program offers comprehensive training to people who regularly come into contact with dogs such as delivery people, home service providers and government workers who call at private homes. This program teaches you how to recognize dangerous dogs and dangerous situations, how to avoid dog attacks and how to protect yourself if attacked. The program consists of two video tapes or DVDs, a supervisor’s implementation guide, a work book and testing materials.

VHS Version - $299.00
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DVD Version - $299.00
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  Laws, Liability and Dog Bites
  • What dogs are most likey to attack or bite
  • Are certain breeds more aggressive?
  • What happens if your dog bites someone and you are sued?

Listen to a live recording of:

Dr. Randy Lockwood (bio) being interviewed by Dr. Suzanne Hetts.

Dr. Lockwood is the country’s leading expert witness in dog bite cases, having testified and assisted prosecutors in a number of high profile fatal cases. From his experiences you’ll learn the risks and liabilities you face if your dog is aggressive to people or other dogs.

Do we know what dogs are most likely to bite? For over 20 years Dr. Lockwood has helped the Centers for Disease Control compile statistics on fatal dog attacks, and he’ll share with you what he’s learned from this research.

What happens if your dog bites someone and you are sued? What if your shelter or rescue group adopts out a dog that bites someone? Do “temperament” tests lower, or raise your risk or make no difference? Dr. Lockwood has worked extensively with the insurance industry and will give you the latest on breed specific insurance refusals as well.

While Dr. Lockwood's interview is understandable and loaded with powerful information, the sound quality could not be enhanced. For this reason we are including a special BONUS audio file on Canine Dominance FREE. When you purchase the CD or the MP3, the bonus will be sent to you via digital download immediately following your purchase.

Audio CD
Plays on most CD players, including computer, personal and auto.
Price: $59 (includes shipping)
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Downloadable MP3
Audio File $52
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