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All of the following short articles were written by Daniel Estep, Ph.D. and Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D. Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists. They were first published in the Rocky Mountain News, Denver, CO. Any reproduction of or quotation from any of these articles must cite both the authors and the Rocky Mountain News.

All articles are PDF files which require Acrobat Reader to open. If you cannot view the files, download the free Acrobat Reader.

Animal Communication Fears and Phobias
Barking General Dog Training
Behavior Wellness and Problem Prevention Human-Animal Bond
Cat Elimination and Urine-Marking Mating Behavior
Cat Scratching and Destructive Behavior Meeting Pets' Behavioral Needs
Cat to Cat Aggression Odds ands Ends
Cat to People Aggression Out of Control Behavior
Dog Destructive Behavior Pet Loss
Dog to Dog Aggression Separation Anxiety
Dog to People Aggression Understanding Normal Animal Behavior
Eating Feces and Other Non-food Items  




Animal Communication    (return to top)

Barking    (return to top)

Behavior Wellness and Problem Prevention    (return to top)

Cat Elimination and Urine-Marking    (return to top)

Cat Scratching and Destructive Behavior    (return to top)

Cat to Cat Aggression    (return to top)

Cat to People Aggression    (return to top)

Dog Destructive Behavior    (return to top)

Dog to Dog Aggression    (return to top)

Dog to People Aggression    (return to top)

Eating Feces and Other Non-food Items    (return to top)

Fears and Phobias    (return to top)

General Dog Training    (return to top)

Human-Animal Bond    (return to top)

Mating Behavior    (return to top)

Meeting Pets' Behavioral Needs    (return to top)

Odds ands Ends    (return to top)

Out of Control Behavior    (return to top)

Pet Loss    (return to top)

Separation Anxiety    (return to top)

Understanding Normal Animal Behavior    (return to top)

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