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Common Behavior Problems

"Hyper" - Out of Control Behavior

Whether or not your dog is “hyper” depends partially on what your expectations for his behavior are. If you want, or were expecting the activity level of a Basset hound, and instead your dog has the energy of a Dalmatian, you may conclude your dog is “hyper”, even though her behavior is pretty typical for her breed and age.

Many dogs need more exercise, playtime, social time and mental stimulation than they get. There are dogs however, who no matter how much of these activities you give them, they still have a difficult time settling down.

If this is a problem for your dog, she may be overly reactive – meaning it doesn’t take much for her to become very excited and aroused – and at the same time, it may be difficult for her to calm down once she is excited. Dogs with high reactivity and long recovery times require very calm, very consistent training techniques. Physical corrections and/or loud verbal reprimands tend to excite them even more.

Rarely, dogs can have a medical condition known as hyperkinesis. This is “hyperactive” behavior due to neurochemical imbalances. Only your veterinarian can diagnosis this condition. The proper medication, along with behavior modification, can successfully manage this condition.

If your dog is just highly active and exuberant, meeting her behavioral needs and providing the right kind of training may be sufficient to resolve things. Either way, we can set up a plan for you and your dog to get on the road to happier times together. Schedule a consultation with us.

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