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Puppy Training Made Easy

House train and crate train your puppy quickly and easily. No more harsh methods.

  Puppy hood only comes around once. What you do during your puppy’s first 4 months of life will have a lasting and sometimes unchangeable impact on your dog’s adult behavior. Raising A Behaviorally Healthy Puppy gives you the critical knowledge you need to make the most out of these formative months.

Raising a Behaviorally Healthy Puppy: A Pet Parenting Guide

Inside you’ll find Drs. Hetts and Estep unique 5 Step Positive Proaction Plan for dealing with major puppy issues from housetraining to getting along with other pets. In an easy to read format you’ll learn:

• How to evaluate your puppy’s behavioral health
• How to best socialize your puppy
• How to meet your puppy’s behavioral needs
• Alternatives to “discipline” and saying “NO” over and over
• What’s important and what’s not when it comes to “dominance”
• A step by step guide to crate training and MUCH MORE!

Suitable both for puppy parents and for trainers, veterinarians, and shelters to distribute in their puppy classes. Call or email us for large quantity pricing discounts.

…My tail’s wagging over this book!”
Dr. Marty Becker, Veterinary contributor of ABC TV’s Good Morning America, coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul

..I highly recommend this excellent book!...”
R.K.Anderson, DVM, MPH, DACVPM, DACVB Director, Center to Study Human Animal Relationships and Environments, University of Minnesota; co inventor of the Gentle Leader

Read the Table of Contents and sample pages

By Suzanne Hetts, PhD, CAAB, CVJ and Daniel Q. Estep, PhD, CAAB
111 pages, paperback

Gently Used Books - available in Limited Quantities

We have limited quantities of Puppy books that have been returned to us from book stores that show a little wear, but are "like new" and in good shape. Special September sale price through September 30th is only $4.97 each while supply lasts. Great for non-profits or for a lending library.
As is, no refunds
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