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Common Behavior Problems

Problem Behavior When Left Alone

It has become fashionable to attribute all home-alone problems to separation anxiety. This is simply not the case. Dogs who are destructive, bark too much, escape, or relieve themselves in the house when they are left alone can do so for a number of different reasons.

Many dogs are simply bored, meaning they aren’t getting enough exercise, playtime, potty breaks, mental stimulation or social contact to meet their needs.

If separation anxiety is the problem, your dog will be virtually panicked about being left alone. She will show her problem behavior on a regular basis, every time she’s left, not just some of the time as bored dogs tend to do.

The third most common reason for home alone problems is noise phobias. If your dog is afraid of thunder, fireworks, construction sounds or other loud, startling noises, she may react by trying to get away from the sounds, resulting in destructive behavior. She may also howl or bark, or become so anxious she can’t control her bladder or bowels

You may be advised to crate your dog to control these home alone problems. We do not recommend considering a crate until you have a full understanding of why your dog is having problems when alone. For more information about crating, purchase our video Crate Training The Right Way.

If separation anxiety, a noise phobia, or some other type of fearful behavior is involved, confining a dog in a crate can be dangerous. Most dogs become more upset the more they are confined and can injure themselves trying to get out of the crate.

Whatever the cause of home alone problems, we can help you make daily absences easier for you and your dog. Schedule a consultation with us.

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