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Common Behavior Problems



You may be on the receiving end of a barking dog problem, listening to the constant barking of a neighbor’s dog. Or, as a dog owner, you may be the one who’s received the complaint from your neighbor or animal control. Barking problems often turn into people problems, because both neighbors and dog owners end up angry at one another.

There are seldom any “quick fixes” for barking problems. It’s not a good idea to just run out and buy a bark collar and snap it on your dog. Bark collars are not the right solution to every barking problem.

Before deciding what action to take, you first have to determine WHY your dog is barking. Some dogs are “alarm barkers”, showing territorial behavior, barking at other dogs and passersby. Others bark because they are bored, are being left outside too long by themselves, aren’t getting their social needs met and leading a poor quality life.

Dogs often bark when they are afraid of noises or of being alone. Separation anxiety is a common cause of home alone barking. Attention-getting behavior can also account for excessive barking, as can frustration, when dogs can’t get something they want such as the squirrel running across the top of the fence..

Our new book, Help! I’m Barking and I Can’t Be Quiet, has been very well received. It is packed full of ideas and practical approaches to one of dog ownerships most common behavior problems. For personalized assistance, schedule a consultation.

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