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Incorporating Behavioral Wellness into your Grooming Business


Add more services and increase your bottom line!

In this easy-to-read and information-packed book, Drs. Estep and Hetts show you how to integrate a behavioral wellness program into your grooming business, including:

  • How to introduce the concept and educate your clients about behavioral wellness
  • How to evaluate the behavioral health of dogs and cats
  • How to teach the five simple steps that can help your clients prevent major problems and deal with common issues.
  • How to make your facility a behaviorally friendly place for pets.
  • New classes that you can offer that teach clients how to deal with basic issues such as teaching their pet to enjoy handling and grooming
  • New services and products that you can offer to meet the behavioral needs of dogs and cats such as puppy socialization classes and wellness books.

Behavior wellness is more than the absence of behavior
problems. It is the condition or state of normal and acceptable
pet conduct that enhances the human-animal bond and the
pet’s quality of life. Behavior wellness programs are
integrated services that are designed to achieve this state.”

By Daniel Q. Estep, PhD, CAAB and Suzanne Hetts, PhD, CAAB, CPDT, 92 pages, paperback
$ 19.95
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Save Over 15% with our Wellness Package

Package includes:

    • Incorporating Behavioral Wellness into your Grooming Business - Book
    • 76 Ways To Get Your Dog To Do What You Want - Booklet
    • What Dogs Need And How They Think - Booklet
    • Cats Come Clean – 50 Tips About Cats and Litterboxes

Regular Price $36.45
Package Price $28.95
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