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Dogs, Cats and Kids. Learning To Be Safe With Animals.

  Created by Donald Manelli with Wayne Hunthausen, DVM
30 minutes.

  • Winner of The Parent's Choice Award
  • Featured on the "Today Show" on NBC, on "CBS Saturday Morning", and on "Healthweed" on the PBS network
  • Dr. Marty Becker devoted his entire one hour national radio show to the video

Did you know - that children are at the greatest risk for serious injury by dogs? Now there is an educational video that can teach children how to be safe around animals

An entertaining video that teaches children respect for animals and how to be safe around cats and dogs without fear.

Focuses on how to read cat and dog body language, the right way to approach and handle animals, the warning signs of threatening animals and more.

A terrific educational program that is ideal for parents, parent-teacher organizations, veterinarians, schools, shelters, humane organizations or anyone educating children. We use it and highly recommend it.

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