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Need Help with Canine Aggression or Dominance?
Do You have a Dog Aggressive Dog?
Has Your Dog Bitten Someone?

Hear What Leading Experts Have to Say and Discover Facts and Myths About the "Alpha Dog"


Aspects of Canine Social Conflict Behavior
Telecourse: Interviews with the Experts
Series I

Even though this popular interview series is completed, you can still
listen to the interviews as many times as you want by purchasing the CDs
or downloadable MP3 files. Drs. Wright, Lockwood and Ms. Silvani are three
of the most popular and respected international speakers on the topic of
canine aggression and social behavior.

John, Pia and Randy have all been friends and colleagues of ours for years
and we are very excited to be able to provide the opportunity for them to
share their knowledge with you.

Dr. John Wright bio
Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist

Roles, Rules and Relationships: Re-Interpreting “Dominance Theory”

Starting at 3 weeks, a puppy begins to form social relationships within the family. These social relationships can be understood in terms of the different roles that each dog plays. The role that the dog takes on is often the best predictor of its’ subsequent behavior.

The dominance relationship is one of the social relationships dogs are prepared to learn for purposes of family stability. A dominant behavior is different than a dominant role, which is different than a dominant personality trait. Dr. Wright will discuss the difference among behaviors, traits, and roles, based on 30 years of research, to help you better describe, understand, and influence dog-dog and dog-person social relationships.

Ms. Pia Silvani, CPDT bio

Rehabilitating the Canine Contender – Helping Dogs Get Along Better With Other Dogs

Dog aggressive dogs are disturbing and embarrassing for owners. People find it difficult to take these dogs out in public for fear of encountering another dog. Consequently, many of these dogs are socially isolated from other dogs for the rest of their lives, their quality of life decreases and some are surrendered to shelters or euthanized.

What can be done to help these dogs and to control and mange them in class? Can these dogs be re-introduced into the canine community or even safely taken for walks without a fight occurring? Are so-called growl or feisty fido classes the answer? What do these classes involve, and what should trainers and owners know before considering them?

Hear Pia’s answers to these questions and more, based on her years of experience instructing Feisty Fido classes at St. Hubert’s Dog Training School, in Madison NJ, where she is also the Director.

Dr. Randy Lockwood bio
Vice President, Research and Educational Outreach, Humane Society of the United States, Washington, D.C.

Dr. Lockwood is the country’s leading expert witness in dog bite cases, having testified and assisted prosecutors in a number of high profile fatal cases. From his experiences you’ll learn the risks and liabilities you face if your dog is aggressive to people or other dogs.

Do we know what dogs are most likely to bite? For over 20 years Dr. Lockwood has helped the Centers for Disease Control compile statistics on fatal dog attacks, and he’ll share with you what he’s learned from this research.

What happens if your dog bites someone and you are sued? What if your shelter or rescue group adopts out a dog that bites someone? Do “temperament” tests lower, or raise your risk or make no difference? Dr. Lockwood has worked extensively with the insurance industry and will give you the latest on breed specific insurance refusals as well.

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