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Services for Pet Owners: Telecourses

  Preventing behavior problems requires understanding normal behavior, behavioral development and the behavioral needs of your pets. You can learn about these things by taking our telecourses which are described below, or by reading, viewing, or listening to any of our large selection of books, booklets, videos/DVDs, or CDs.

What is a Telecourse?

A telecourse is a series of conference calls. It’s like a continuing education course delivered on the telephone. Our telecourses include lecture, time for discussion questions, and class notes (mailed to you prior to conference in PDF format). When you register for the course, you’ll be given a conference call phone number to call, and a password to access the conference call.

The cost to call the telecourse phone number is a standard long distance charge. There are no conferencing fees, so your normal long distance rates apply. To lower your long distance charges, consider purchasing a calling card online, which have rates as low as a penny /minute. We use these cards ourselves when conducting our telecourses.

Telecourses for Pet Parents

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