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Webinar: Sacred Cows of Dog Training Part 2


Instructors: Kathy Sdao, M.A., ACAAB, Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB and Daniel Estep, Ph.D., CAAB

After an educational and entertaining Part I, " Sacred Cows of Dog Training" is back for Round Two.  What are "sacred cows?"  We define these as uncritically accepted "core" ideas in the world of dog training and pet behavior consulting that have not been subjected to close scrutinty.  Questioning "sacred cows"  is often done at one's own peril. 

In Part 1, we questioned "nothing in life is free", "end training on a good note" and several other "sacred cow" procedures".  In Part 2, we take on "socialization" - what it is and isn't and can it ever go wrong; does "click" always have to be followed by a treat; is the "leave it" cue really worthwhile or are there better techniques for having dogs “leave things alone”, and more. 

For more information about Part 1 and feedback from participants visit the Sacred Cow Part 1 page.  You can take it On Demand now, if you missed it live,  so you'll have the complete package. 

You do not want to miss this one session class and the chance to practice critical thinking skills you can apply to any question, and to become a more rational, thoughtful training professional. The more we learn, the more we realize how much we don’t know.

Here’s what people who took the class “live” had to say and what they are doing differently as a result of what they learned:

“I think it's so valuable to re-look at things that we've been doing for years to make sure they are effective.” Marta C.

“I will definitely take a closer look at "leave it," especially due to the "drill sergeant tone" it so often elicits...” Ann D.

“I like the discussions and the honesty when you were talking about these ‘Sacred Cows.’ The discussions were frank and thought provoking. It is definitely worth watching.” Kathleen S.

“….a great presentation with ideas that could change the way you do training”. Kathy S.

Approval for 1.5 CEUs from CCPDT is pending.  If you aren't attending live, you can earn CEUs by emailed answers to the CEU questions asked by the instructors during the recorded class. We'll provide the details once you register.

One Session Course $39

Fee: $39.00
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We are moving our course registrations to our new site www.PetProWebinars.com. When you purchase this On Demand Class you will be taken to a PetProWebinar Registration Page where you will choose your user name and password.


Members of the Behavior Education Network - this session is included as a member benefit.  Starter BEN members - register in BEN for your 20% discount.

Still have questions about the course? Email for more details info@animalbehaviorassociates.com

As soon as you register for any of our courses please put info@AnimalBehaviorAssociates.com in your email address book or safe list to increase the chance our emails won’t be blocked. After we receive notice of your payment, you'll receive a follow up email.  If you haven't heard from us within 48 hours (weekdays) of your payment, please email us at info@AnimalBehaviorAssociates.com. Also, check your spam box. The link to the class and any class notes will be emailed 1-2 days prior to the first session.


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