The ONLY Canine Body Posture program authored by Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists.  Who better than professional, experienced behavior scientists to teach you to observe and interpret dog behavior!
This Professional Course is used in national training programs in the pet industry, staff training in animal shelters and veterinary practices, and is a recommended resource for those preparing for several national dog training certification examinations.


  • THREE common signs a dog is going to bite that most people miss?
  • TEN postures and behaviors dogs exhibit when they are fearful?
  • FIVE postures and behaviors that distinguish offensive dogs from defensive ones?
  • What postures are mistaken for signs a dog is happy when instead he is stressed or anxious?
  • What criteria are necessary to define a displacement behavior?
  • The difference between threats and aggression?
  • What is the agonistic continuum and why it’s important?

This professionally scripted, filmed and produced program
will answer these questions and MANY MORE.


Written by award winning Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists Dr. Suzanne Hetts and Dr. Dan Estep, and professionally filmed and produced by Animal Care Technologies, Inc. a leading provider of online training for the veterinary and animal welfare fields for over decades.

In this Online Program You Will Discover...

  • HOW to Observe

    Observational skills must be learned. Careful observations are much more than just “watching dogs”.

    Trained observers know how to DESCRIBE what they see instead of jumping into wrong interpretations

  • WHAT to Observe

    Research shows untrained observers focus on the WRONG things.  Do you know WHAT  features of the dog’s body give you the MOST information.  Do you know what they are?

  • HOW To Interpret What You See

    Interpretation adds meaning to observations. Interpretations based solely on personal opinions are usually anthropomorphic and often wrong. You’ll learn how to interpret observations from a science based, ethological perspective.

In This Online Course You Will Learn...

  • EXACTLY what features of dogs to pay attention to
  • The variations in each of those features you must be able to identify
  • What each variation tells you about dogs and their motivation
  • How to combine your observations into a picture of the WHOLE dog – the ONLY way your interpretations of behavior can be accurate
  • How to think straight about displacement behaviors – What they are, what they are NOT, and WHY they are important
  • A full description and examples of agonistic behaviors – what they are and when you’re likely to see them.
  • And MUCH MORE!

I have this [course] and consider it far and away the best dog body language resource I own.  [T]he organization of it is more systematic than anything else I've seen (and like many of us... my shelves are also full-to-overflowing with dog training and behavior resources). Not only that, but the videography itself is extremely clear and makes it very easy to see what you are meant to see to go along with the very clear narration. I would consider it an excellent purchase for behavior/training professionals as well as dog owners.

Caroline W.
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