Consulting and Pet Care Services for Pet Owners

  • Behavior Consultations

    We’ve been helping people solve their pets’ behavior problems for over 30 years.  We offer distance consults (telephone, Facetime, Skype) or appointments at our location.  We have a limited area for travel for in-your-home consults.  For more information about scheduling and fees Click HERE.

    Please note:  We do not offer pro bono (free) email consults

  • In-Our-Home-Custom Pet Care

    Since becoming “empty pet-sters” we’ve been offering pet sitting services in our homes for ONE families’ pets at a time.  We give your pets the same loving care we gave to our own.  Click HERE for more information about our services and rates.

Consulting Services for Professionals

  • Legal / Expert Testimony

    We are available for expert testimony in animal injury cases.  We’ve testified throughout the U.S. in both serious and fatal dog bite cases.  Click HERE for more information.

  • Business Consulting and Education

    We can customize education programs for both non-profits (shelter, rescue, etc.) or for profit businesses (grooming salons, veterinary practices, etc.).  We also work with any business that allow pets on site (such as patios, retail stores) to teach employees about pet behavior and managing the physical environment to prevent  bites and fights. 

    We’ve lectured on 4 continents to all sorts of audiences so we can work with you successfully for whatever program you want to offer!

    Click HERE for more information!

  • Court Ordered Evaluations

    When dogs violate animal control ordinances – especially if it involves aggression – owners or the courts have a need to have these dogs professionally evaluated. We bring a scientific approach to our evaluations and reports, that courts and attorneys appreciate.  We are fair and unbiased. 

    Click HERE for more information

Have a Question About Our Consulting or Care Services?

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