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We are phasing out our physical products - DVDs and CDs, but still have a few topics available.  So if you prefer to "do it yourself" options to scheduling a behavior consulting appointment with us or someone else in your community, check out the programs on this page.

More Courses!

The programs on this page represent just a portion of our many webinar courses available online, On Demand at PetProWebinars.com.

While most are geared toward pet professionals, but ALL are still useful to pet owners.  We GUARANTEE what you'll learn will help and your pets live happier lives together

For Pet Owners

Helping Cats Co-Exist

Are you thinking of adding another cat to your family? Or do you have questions or concerns about the existing relationships in your multi-cat household? Is your home optimized to minimize conflicts among your cats?

This program will give detailed instructions about how to introduce another cat to your family AND what to do if your resident cats aren't getting along.   You'll discover how to optimize your home to prevent conflicts among your cats, what the latest research reveals about cat social behavior AND how you can put this information to use to help your cats co-exist.

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Dog Behavior Decoded

In this interview, Certified Animal Behaviorists, Dr. Suzanne Hetts, and Dr. Dan Estep, Ph.D. tell us how the science of animal behavior answers many questions about the WHY of dog behavior

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Free Courses From Behavior Education Network

Myths About Dominance
A free course from our Behavior Education Network that describes 5 myths about "dominance" in dogs.  This is one of the most harmful misconceptions about relationships between dogs and people because it's been associated with physical confrontations that are harmful to your dog's behavioral  - and even physical - health CLICK HERE to take the course



Facts About Punishment
Punishment is about as misunderstood as "dominance".  All punishment is not necessarily bad, but when used inappropriately or to excess it can definitely cause harm.  Learn what behavior and learning sciences have known for years so that you won't use powerful tool incorrectly. Click HERE to take the free course

Helping Kitty Be Good By
Creating a Cat Friendly Home

Many litterbox and scratching problems develop because the items cats have to use for those necessary behaviors are not meeting their behavioral needs.  This program provides detailed instructions on how to provide litterboxes and scratching items that meet your cats' preferences and that they'll use

You'll also discover how you can provide your cats with a better quality of life by enriching their environment and providing opportunities for mentally and physically stimulating activities.   Cat  behavior experts are recognizing that many indoor environments need improvement to meet the behavioral needs of cats.

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Preparing Fido For Baby

A complete program to prepare your dog for your new baby.  Includes step by step instructions, videos, checklists and a CD of baby sounds to acclimate your dog.  You have 9 months to prepare - help your dog get ready as well!

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Terrible Dog Training Mistakes

Dr. Hetts' Amazon Best Selling Book about dog training mistakes that ruin your dog's behavior, how you can avoid them, AND most importantly what to do instead!

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