Would you like to change your cat’s litterbox or scratching behavior?

Most of the time when cats are relieving themselves or scratching in areas you don’t want them to, it’s because the boxes and scratching objects you’ve provided are NOT meeting their behavioral needs and preferences. Many litterbox and scratching problems can be prevented or resolved by changing the characteristics of boxes and posts.  The trick is knowing WHAT to change and HOW.  That’s what you’ll discover in this unique program.

Everyone wants their cats not only to lead happy and fulfilling lives, but also to be free from behavior problems such as not using the litterbox reliably, damaging your possessions with their claws, and being afraid of anything new and different.

Our Helping Kitty Be Good (by knowing what cats want and need) program explains in detail how to provide litterboxes and scratching posts your cats will use because they conform to most cats’ natural behavioral preferences.

Many cats are afraid of anything new and different because they are not well socialized. If your cat suffers from this problem, in Helping Kitty Be Good you’ll learn about socialization in cats and what you can do to compensate and help your cats be less fearful and calmer if your cats aren’t well socialized. Helping your cats overcome their fears will improve their quality of life.

Promoting the health and welfare of indoor cats is a “hot topic” right now for the veterinary and animal welfare communities. Cat experts are recognizing that many indoor environments don’t do a great job at meeting the behavioral needs of cats.

Helping Kitty Be Good gives you numerous ideas on how to enrich your cat’s indoor environment as well as how to provide safe outdoor time that can enrich your cat’s life. Understanding the unique behaviors and needs of your feline family members can help you provide them with the best environment to promote both physical and behavioral health.

We’ve provided you with a sample of Helping Kitty Be Good right on this page.  Helping Kitty Be Good is available as an online program in both video and audio formats!

Get IMMEDIATE access to this program so you can design the home your cats have always wanted so they can live more stimulating, fulfilling, and problem free lives.

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(BTW, anytime your cat shows a SUDDEN change in behavior, have her checked by your veterinarian.  Behavior changes are often the first sign of disease or illness).

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