Despite significant advances in our knowledge of dog behavior and communication, myths, mis-interpretations and mis-information still abound about what dogs are communicating.  As humans, we can’t help but look at the behavior of dogs and other animals through the lens of our own communication systems, but that’s exactly what leads to mis-interpretations!

In this interview, Certified Animal Behaviorists, Dr. Suzanne Hetts, and Dr. Dan Estep, Ph.D. tell us how the science of animal behavior answers the questions:


– Does a wagging tail mean a friendly dog?

– What does it mean when your dog yawns? Are they indicators of “stress” or something else?

– Are licking and leaning on you “dominance behaviors”? And, should you stop your dog from doing them?

– When your dog rolls over on his back, is he inviting a belly rub?

– If your dog urinates on your possessions, is he mad at you?

– Do dogs express guilt?


Track Listings on the CD:
1. Introduction
2. Wagging Tail
3. Yawns
4. Licking and Leaning
5. Sitting Still
6. Shying Away
7. Playing Rough
8. On His Back
9. Staring
10. Urinating on Things
11. Guilt
12. Conclusion

Dr. Suzanne Hetts & Dr. Dan Estep are award winning authors and international speakers. They’ve helped thousands of families have well behaved dogs by teaching people and pets to communicate; created pet education programs for corporations; appeared on talk shows, been newspaper columnists, written award winning books, served as expert witnesses in legal cases AND shared their lives with dogs of their own since childhood.

Ger YOUR copy of this audio CD today for only $7.95 including domestic shipping!  GREAT educational resource for pet professionals to give to or share with their clients! And if you’re a dog owner – we guarantee you’ll discover at least ONE way you’ve misinterpreted what your dog is telling you!

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