calmingcap1The Thunder/Calming Cap® is a comfortable “hood” made of soft, stretchy spandex-nylon material. No acclimation period needed for most dogs.

The Cap filters dogs’ vision – lessening the intensity of what they see, so everything looks a bit “fuzzy”.  They can easily see well enough to walk, as you can tell from the picture below.

Here you see Ashley being introduced to having her Thunder/Calming Cap®  on.  Dan is giving her a treat as he gently cups her head.  You can see the velcro attachment that slips under the dog’s collar, just lying on Ashley’s neck.

If your dog becomes agitated at the veterinary clinic or groomer, the ThunderCalming Cap® can have a dramatic difference.  Same for car rides.  If you dog bounces around in the car, barking at what she sees outside, the Cap will decrease that behavior significantly. The XS small size can even be used on cats while they are in the car, or during introductions to other cats.

Is your dog “reactive” to other dogs on walks?  Gets overly excited?  Becomes afraid and puts on the brakes?  Or barks and threatens and sounds and looks aggressive?  THEN YOU MUST TRY THIS CAP!!


This is truly a great  product.  The Medium size fits many breeds.  See the size recommendation chart below.



Size   Snout Circumference            Distance from ‘between the eyes to collar’
XS 36              2.55
S 58              59
M 710              71
L 912


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