Are you tired of complaints from your neighbors or animal control about your dog’s barking? Frustrated with having to run out into the backyard and yell NO to stop your dog’s barking? Are you worried about your dog’s quality of life because he’s barking non-stop? That’s a clear sign he’s distressed, and not engaging in other healthy behaviors.

While it’s normal for dogs to bark, it’s not normal for them to do it excessively. For barking to be effective communication it shouldn’t occur in response to the least little thing – it’s like crying wolf.

While it may be tempting to reach for “quick fixes” if you are under pressure to stop your dog’s barking quickly, we don’t recommend this approach. You – and your dog – will be much happier with a long term solution that addresses the underlying reason WHY your dog is barking. Collars may be good for some problems and some dogs but not others. You run the risk of making things worse and creating additional fear or aggression problems if you use a collar when it’s not indicated.

That’s why you should read our barking book FIRST before you invest time and money in tactics and products that aren’t right for your dog’s problem. Our copyrighted flow charts guide you first to the causes of your dog’s barking and then to behavior modification plans that are specific to the cause.

Investing a little time up front by reading our book so you can understand your dog’s behavior more thoroughly will actually SAVE you time in the long run because you’ll be able to pick the BEST approach for your dog. You’ll learn whether a bark collar is right for your dog – as well as other strategies to get your dog’s excessive barking under control.

Inside you’ll find:

  • The ten most common causes of excessive barking
  • Unique and easy to follow flow charts that will guide you to the possible causes of your dog’s barking
  • How modifying your dog’s environment and meeting his behavioral needs can help
  • Specific behavior modification plans for you to implement that are specific to the cause of your dog’s barking
  • An analysis of various anti-bark collars and whether one is right for your dog
  • MUCH MUCH more!
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