Animal Behavior Associates Offers
Behavior Consulting, Expert Witness Services,
Online Education, and In-Our-Home Pet Care

Suzanne Hetts and Dan EstepSuzanne Hetts, Ph.D. 
Daniel Estep, Ph.D
Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists

We help pet pros and pet owners use scientific knowledge to understand, manage and modify pet behavior - leading to happier pets, happier people, and more successful outcomes.

What We Offer:
We are available for Tele-Behavior
and Training Consults

  • Online scientific behavior education, mentoring and coaching for Pet Behavior Professionals that takes your skill and effectiveness beyond just training
  • Expert witness services in animal injury cases
  • Behavior assessments and evaluations ordered by the courts OR requested by businesses or pet owners
  • Behavior problem consulting services for pet owners and "do it yourself" home study courses
  • Custom workshops and seminars for shelters, rescues, animal control, veterinary practices or any pet related business
  • Whatever help you need when it comes to pet behavior, we can likely provide it! Contact us for custom services!

Four Ways To Give Your Dog A
Behaviorally Healthy Lifestyle
Five "Must Know" Facts About
Cat Behavior

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Our Consulting and Care Services

Pet Behavior Consulting Services


We've worked successfully with pet behavior problems for over 30 years.  We've seen all kinds of dog and cat breeds and all kinds of problems.  As Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists, our recommendations are based on scientific principles and proven practical strategies that work!

All the details on our CONSULTING PAGE.

And to comply with social distancing and other restrictions, we offer Tele-Behavior Consults - Behavior Help from a distance using online video conferencing or even a phone call!.

Custom Pet Care Services
In Our Home

We want to be the type of pet care specialists we wanted for our beloved Coral, who you see here.  We care for only ONE family's pets at a time.  We believe your pets don't need the stress of trying to get along with other animals they don't know while at the same time being away from you and in an unfamiliar place.

Visit our PET CARE PAGE.

Expert Witness Services

 We've been retained by attorneys across the country, and qualified in court as experts, for work in serious and fatal dog bite cases.  We've also consulted on cat bite cases, and pet custody cases.

All the details on our LEGAL CONSULTING PAGE.

Court Ordered Evaluations

Courts sometimes require dogs to be evaluated before deciding penalties or outcomes if the dog has threatened or bitten. Shelters may also need independent evaluations of animals in their care.  Social services may require evaluations when the safety of a family member may be at risk because of the family pet.  We have experience with ALL these situations.

Discover why as CAABs we can provide evaluations using a scientific approach, and schedule an evaluation by visiting our


Online Professional Education in the
Science and Practice of Pet Behavior Consulting

Behavior Education Network

Online education for dog trainers, behavior consultants, and other pet professionals who are committed to using scientific principles to modify behavior. Immediate access to a HUGE vault of courses, reviews of scientific articles, in-depth reports on hundreds of topics, case studies and MORE!

Applied Animal Behavior Academy

Certificate courses for dog trainers, pet behavior consultants, and those wanting to be

Pet Pro Webinarspetwebinars

A large la carte selection of  webinar courses for BOTH pet pros and pet owners. Courses include Bringing Out the Best In Your Dog's Behavior, Helping the Home Alone Dog, Resolving Housesoiling Problems, Writing Professional Behavior Reports, and MANY MORE!

Canine Body Postures - DVD

  Our critically acclaimed video guide for observing and interpreting canine body postures is a must for ANYONE who works professionally with animals.  An eye opener for pet owners as well.

CAAB Chats 

Webinars with a variety of Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists and other well known experts. Topics you won't find anywhere else!

Especially for Pet Owners

 Preparing Fido

pf-banner-crpPreparing Fido is the COMPLETE home study package for preparing your dog for the arrival of your baby.  HD quality audio recordings of every baby sound you can image, DVD of the webinar course we taught at area hospitals for 15 years.  Both also available as digital downloads

ARE YOU A PET PROFESSIONAL who wants to start teaching "Preparing Fido for Baby" classes in your community?  Then purchase our COMPLETE Teaching Package that gives you EVERYTHING you need (class materials, marketing ideas, PPT slides, lecture notes and MORE!)

Training Aids

A Calming Cap® - now known as a Thunder Cap® is great for helping dogs who are easily excited or aroused.  It's easily tolerated by the vast majority of dogs.  Get the details and order on our Calming Cap Page


A Snappy Trainer® is a harmless device that startles pets when they get into things they shouldn't such as the trash or on kitchen counters.  While not weather proof, it can also be used outdoors to discourage digging or even startle squirrels!

The device conforms to the principles of animal learning because it is dependent on the pet's behavior, is consistent, and is immediate, and doesn't cause pain. The startle response interrupts and discourages future behavior.  Learn more and order on our Snappy Trainer® Page.

Have concerns?  Learn more about animal learning and facts about "aversives" and interrupting behavior from our FREE Course

Help! I"m Barking
And I Can't Be Quiet

 Our award winning "Help! I"m Barking and I Can't Be Quiet" book is available as an E-Book in a downloadable PDF format. For a complete description and to purchase, Click HERE

Terrible Dog Training Mistakes
by Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB

   Dr. Hetts' book was an Amazon #1 Best Seller!  If you're confused about training techniques - whether you have to be "dominant" over your dog; why dogs are supposed to love their crates as their dens - but your dog doesn't; whether or not "positive" training is bribing your dog or not; what does "science based" training REALLY mean - and MORE - this easily read book is for you!

DVDs and CDs - "Do It Yourself" Solutions

Learn what you can do to help your cats co-exist peacefully and have a better quality of life.  Many conflicts can be avoided with proper introductions. Watch a sample and order either the DVD or CD from our Helping Cats Co-Exist Page


Many common cat behavior problems, including house soiling and MORE can be prevented or resolved if your home meets your cat's behavioral needs.  Learn how to make your home cat friendly with our Helping Kitties Be Good DVD or CD


There is still so much mis-information about how dogs communicate with us.  The SCIENCE of animal behavior has the answers and that's what we share with you in this CD.  Even the science has been mis-represented, but with this CD you can get the straight scoop directly from behavior scientists!  Learn more and order HERE

Free Resources