In this tip you will learn how to easily replace barking and jumping up with less annoying behaviors when visitors come to your home. Harsh corrections can result in your dog dis-liking visitors which is the LAST thing you want.

In this tip we’ll tell you why virtually EVERY dog learns to get excited, (or fearful, or threatening) when the doorbell rings, and what you can do to teach your dog to be better behaved.  You’ll also discover common mistakes many people make that actually results in their dogs getting more excited and out of control at the door.

So listen now to help your dog be more calm, cool, and collected at the door rather than creating chaos.




The next tip is about another very common management technique that is often mis-used - crating dogs.  Is a crate right for your dog?  What are warning signs that crate confinement may be causing problems?  Find out in our next tip!.

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