Tips for Traveling With Your Pet

During our first summer in Arizona, we arranged to be someplace else – namely Colorado – for 7 weeks out of the four months that it is unpleasantly HOT here in the valley of the sun.  This time it was just the two of us.  Being “pet-less” for the first time in decades we didn’t have to plan for having a dog or cat along for the journey.  But when our last dog, our Irish setter Coral was alive, we planned most vacation trips around her.  She was a great traveler, although she didn’t start out that way.  The first 6 months or so of her life she routinely became car sick, and it got to the point she didn’t even want to get in the car.  How we overcame that is a topic for another time.

But we’ve learned a lot about traveling with pets over the years, including a cross country move with three dogs and three cats in the car.  We’ve compiled a series of Travel Tips for pet owners that will make your time away from home more pleasant and safe for both you and your pet.  And this starts with whether your pet should go along at all, or be better off at home.


Download the PDF of our Tips and Resources for Traveling With Your Pet.  



  • Robin

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    Interested in learning more about animal behaviour and training

    • abasuzanne

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      Hey Robin – we have all sorts of resources for you! Start with our courses on or even better join our membership site You’ll have IMMEDIATE access to literally hundreds of webinars and articles, including all CAABChats webinars. And you can cancel any time so there’s no risk to you! You won’t find a better education value ANYWHERE!!

  • Wow! Great content and I love what you’re doing with your site.

    Dogs are amazing creatures and we don’t want to spend time far away from them. This is why planning ahead and meeting up with some requirements are necessary for traveling with them.

    In most cases, traveling with our canine buddies is not as backbreaking as we think it is.

    Once again, great job and thanks for the work you do with this site

  • Dogs usually vomit during travel. Is it a health challenge to have a vomiting dog when traveling?

    • abasuzanne

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      I disagree that dogs usually vomit during travel. In fact, it’s the other way around – most of them don’t. Vomiting is a sign of car sickness. Veterinarians can recommend either over the counter medications or ones requiring a prescription in severe cases. Behavior modification techniques can be employed to help a dog acclimate to riding in the car. Not feeding the dog before a car ride is also helpful. Some dogs do better when they can see out the window. Owners can think about allowing the dog to ride in the front seat initially, or during ‘practice’ rides, assuming the dog can be safely restrained and won’t interfere with the driver Other dogs do better when they can’t see out as much so a Calming or now known as a Thunder Cap that filters their vision can be helpful. These are available for sale on our website or in most pet stores.

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