In this tip we reveal the dos and don’ts of using a crate to manage your dog’s behavior. Did you know that some pet dogs spend more time in crates that are smaller than allowed by federal law for dogs in research facilities?

However, when used properly and in moderation, a crate can be a wonderful management tool and a way to keep your dog safe when traveling. Turn up your speakers and listen up!


Many myths and misconceptions exist about the use of crates, and if you regularly crate your dog, it's likely you've heard - and even believed - at least one of these myths.  Now you can get the REAL scoop how to use a crate to manage your dog's behavior WITHOUT creating an overly restrictive environment that predisposes your dog to behavior problems and doesn't meet his behavioral needs. 

Discover what you need to know so that your dog will feel comfortable in a crate - 

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