Have you heard dogs described as having high “prey drive” if they like to chase balls, joggers, or people on bicycles?

How many drives do you think your dog has?

The answer is ZERO. Learn why animal behavior scientists dumped ‘drive theory’ years ago and what YOU need to know to motivate your dog.

Your Fido will thank you for FINALLY understanding he’s not filled with drives! So turn up your speakers to learn what your Fido wants you to know!



In the dog training world, people have used the term "drive" as an explanation for WHY a dog shows a particular behavior at a specific moment in time - "He chased the squirrel because he has high prey drive" .  It's also been used as a descriptor for an supposed consistent personality trait - "Terriers have high prey drive".

As you learned from the audio tip, neither use contains any helpful information.  If you think this discussion was interesting, then you'll LOVE our complete program on "Shining the Light of Science on Canine Behavior".

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