In the last decade or so the field of dog training has moved significantly away from focusing on correcting misbehavior TO reinforcing good behavior.  This is a much-needed shift.  We know from learning theory that positive reinforcement is a powerful tool to modify behavior.  Unfortunately, the fall-back, default thinking for most of us is “how can I get my dog to stop–” doing something instead of “how can I get my dog to do what I want so I can reward him”.

Most aspects of “positive training” are great, and much better than the old style punitive, “dominate your dog” methods, as we saw in Tip #1.  BUT – with-holding the reward for behaviors we don’t like won’t always make them go away.

Learn the most important components of how to use “negative punishment” correctly – and discover what is is, if that term already sounds brand new and confusing.  You might call it “the take away” method.

It should be fun -most of the time- for your dog to learn what you want to teach him – and fun for you to be his teacher!


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