Understanding and Managing Home Alone Problems
With Your Dog

Does your dog have difficulty being left home alone? Does he bark too much, soil in the house, become destructive or escape from your yard? Do you worry that your dog is distressed or bored when home alone or do you think your dog misbehaves because he’s mad you’ve left him?

NOW you can get the help you need! In this innovative DVD program, you’ll discover the REAL reasons for your dog’s home alone behaviors and what YOU can do to help your Fido be good when home alone.


In this complete home-study program you’ll learn:

• The six most common myths about reasons for home alone problems that you might have believed!

• Ten common causes for home alone problems

• Twenty questions about your dog’s behavior you need to ask yourself to determine the cause of his home alone problem

• Strategies for managing and resolving the most common types of home alone problems

• Why punishment or “discipline” won’t help your dog and what you should do instead

• How you can identify and meet your dog’s behavioral needs and help your dog be happier home alone

• How to find the RIGHT professional help when you need it

This is a two-disc program. A DVD and a BONUS CD with more than 28 pages of printable notes, worksheets and resources to help you with your home alone dog

Included on the Bonus CD are –

  • • Guidelines for Choosing a Dog Trainer or Behavior Consultant
  • • Causes for Home Alone Problems
  • • Questions to Ask About Your Home Alone Dog
  • • Reading the Body Language of Dogs
  • • Identifying the Causes of Home Alone Problems
  • • Recommendations for Managing and/or Resolving Home Alone Problems
  • • Desensitization and Counter Conditioning
  • • Five Step Plan to Prevent and Manage Problem Behavior

Educational Program DVD
Plays in any DVD player
Running time: 38 minutes
Includes Bonus CD with 8 printable PDF documents

Click here to see one of the Bonus handouts

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