When you need help with your dog’s behavior, choosing WHO to help you can be confusing.  Remember that changes in behavior are often the first sign of disease or illness.  So any SUDDEN change in behavior requires checking in with your veterinarian.  Your veterinarian needs to evaluate your dog’s medical/physical health before you assume any behavior you’re concerned about it not being influenced or caused by a medical problem.

Professionals who help people with their pets’ behaviors have a wide range of backgrounds, education, and experience.  While everyone wants solutions quickly, folks who claim to get “instant” results may end up doing you and your dog more harm than good.

The science of animal behavior has contributed to and vastly changed the field of dog training, especially in the past 10 to 20 years.  So look for people who are committed to using scientific principles AND who represent those principles fairly and accurately (something that may be difficult to judge).

Bottom line, if you are unhappy with how someone is treating you OR your dog, then find someone else.

As you begin your search, download our  “Guidelines for Choosing a Trainer or Behavior Consultant” to help guide you.

Another good resource is Dr. Hetts’ best selling book  “12 Terrible Dog Training Mistakes Owners Make That Can Ruin Their Dog’s Behavior and How to Avoid Them!”  Click on the title to order it from Amazon.

And of course you can always contact us about scheduling a consultation. We offer distance consultants if there is no one close to you who meets your needs.  We’ll also let you know if we know professionals in your area who can help you, rather than doing a distance consult with us.