The most common kitten problems are scratching objects, biting, out of control play, climbing on things or not getting along with resident adult cats. Many of these behaviors cease to be a problem as kittens mature, but some do not.  Kittens have unlimited energy which can bring lots of laughter and fun antics to a family but can also become annoying at a certain point.

Kittens can sometimes have trouble using the litterbox if it doesn’t meet their behavioral needs.  And of course they’ll scratch objects that feel good to them, so it’s crucial that yo provide scratching objects that meet your kitten’s behavioral needs.

Some veterinarians and trainers offer kitten kindergartens or kitten socialization classes. These can be helpful in socializing your kitten to others and learning how to manage typical kitten problems.

We have two programs, Helping Kitty Be Good and Helping Kitties Co-Exist that are packed full of great information to help new kittens owners as well adult cat owners create the best possible environment for their cats.