We routinely use several training aids in our work with dogs and cats. Because most training equipment is readily available from a variety of sources, we only carry a few items on our website.  Click on the product’s name below to go to a full description and to purchase.

Preparing Fido™ – a high quality recording of baby sounds, from gentle cooing to extremely loud and unhappy wailing that would annoy anyone, but especially dogs given their sensitive hearing.

The Thunder Cap™ (previously, and more accurately known as the Calming Cap) – filters/softens the sights dogs see, helping to decrease the intensity of their reaction (whether it be fear, aggression or just excitability) to make it easier to manage them, and teach alternative behaviors.

Sound Sensabilities™ – high quality recordings of various categories of sounds to help you desensitize or habituate dogs to noises they might be afraid of.


You’ll find links below to other sources for important tools we do not have for sale on our website.

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