A May Sale in Honor of All Puppy Moms

(and Dads!)

In our house, Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day) consists of each of us receiving one or more cards from our four legged children.  And the “thank yous” for being a good pet parent that each of us makes up to write in the cards for the other, can bring a tear or a chuckle just as readily as if they were written by two legged children.

Raising a Behaviorally Healthy PuppySo we wanted to do something special for all puppy Moms (and Dads) for Mother’s Day.  Through the month of May, “gently used” copies of our award winning book “Raising a Behaviorally Healthy Puppy” will be on sale for ONLY $4.97, with no minimum number required to receive this discount.  At a 100+ pages, it would cost more than that for you to make copies to distribute OR to purchase individual behavior brochures from a variety of sources to cover all the topics in the book.

These “gently used” books are like new.  To tell the truth, these are books returned to us by a large pet store chain in excess of what sold at a retail price of $15.95.  The books have an extra pricing sticker on the back, and some covers may have a crinkled corner, but they’ve not been read or used by anyone.

“Raising a Behaviorally Healthy Puppy” provides a Five Step Guide to create healthy behaviors, with detailed plans for housetraining, crate training, introducing puppy to resident pets, managing chewing and puppy biting, preventing “chaos at the door” through controlled greetings, teaching basic “manners” (sit, down, come, give, walk nicely) using methods puppies can easily understand, and socialization. 

Veterinarians and groomers will especially appreciate the chapter on teaching puppies to enjoy handling and mild restraint.  Everyone will appreciate the common sense chapter about social roles and relationships that exposes the “dominance” myths and substitutes common sense instructions for enjoyable, daily interactions that build on puppies’ inherent willingness to cooperate and avoid conflict.  CLICK HERE for a more complete description of the book.

You can’t make a better $5 investment in your puppy’s behavioral health or for those puppies you see as veterinarians, trainers, or other pet professional.  So take advantage of this special Puppy Mom’s Day Offer good through the end of the month.  But don’t wait too long – when our supply of these ‘gently used’ books at the special Mother’s Day price of $4.97 are gone, they’re gone.

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